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rENIAC Data Engine on AWS F1: How to Accelerate Cassandra Performance On Demand


Take a first look at rDE on AWS F1.2xl!

rENIAC Data Engine is now available on AWS F1.2xl!  AWS F1 is an FPGA-backed instance, which rENIAC Data Engine uses in order to offload IO heavy functions like compression, networking and storage. When deployed as a row cache, rDE expands the amount of hot data that can be stored for read-heavy workloads. rDE also acts as the data pipeline between AWS F1 and database nodes, so there is no additional coding knowledge required to deploy or maintain rDE nodes.


Join our CEO and the VP of Engineering to learn how rENIAC Data Engine provides:

  • Up to 10x higher throughput and 20x lower latency
  • The removal of in-memory caching layers for more manageable clusters, or a reduction in database nodes to cut cost
  • On demand elastic performance, i.e. performance increases within minutes of rDE deployment

In this webinar, we will walk through the steps you need to deploy rENIAC Data Engine on AWS F1 to enhance Cassandra performance without making any changes to the application layer.  We will show you the performance gains for an inventory management system where you will see a 7x improvement in throughput and a 17x reduction in latency.  Then you can use the same schema and try it for yourself, free for 30 days.



Prasanna Sundararajan Headshot Circle

Prasanna Sundararajan, CEO and Co founder at rENIAC

Prasanna is an experienced architect and innovator with a track record of taking new and early stage technology concepts from inception to production. Prasanna will talk about when and why to use rENIAC Data Engine and how it works.

Prasanna Sukumar Headshot Circle NEW

Prasanna Sukumar, VP of Engineering at rENIAC

Prasanna leads a team of engineers to build cutting edge FPGA-based products that can be used across environments including on premises and multicloud.  Prasanna will run a demo of rDE on  AWS EC2 F1.2xl, tell you how to get started, and will answer questions during Q&A.